The SAAssist Client (saassist-client) is written in Korn Shell (ksh).

This is a simple ksh script that accesses the SAAssist Server (saassist-server) using HTTP or NFS protocol and collects information about a specific APAR (CVE/IV), checks if it is applicable for the server, provides detailed information and installs the fix if required by you.

Using NFS protocol, there are no requirements. Curl is required if you want to use saassist-client through HTTP protocol.

SAAssist Client (saassist-client) Installation

If you want to use HTTP protocol, remember the package curl is required for IBM AIX/PowerVM.

Download the saassist-client from the link, extract the files and edit client_config file.

1. Download

2. Extract the files (unzip, untar ..)

4. Edit and configure the client_config file

Using saassist-client

The saassist-server is simple to use. You need to run the with the actions (parameters) that you want to perform and specify the CVE or IV Number if necessary.

To get full help use: help

* checkall: Check all available APARs for the AIX/PowerVM * preview : Verifies if the system is affected by CVE/IV * info : Shows details about the CVE/IV * install : Installs the APAR if it is available and applicable to the system


Reporting bugs and improvements

SAAssist Client


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