The SAAssist Server (saassist-server) is a Python tool.

SAAssist Server will be a server repository for AIX/PowerVM IBM Fixes

SAAssist Server accesses the IBM FLRT website and collects all information about a specific CVE / IV number. It downloads data from FLRT website and stores it in a repository to be used by SAAssist Client (saassist-client) upon request through HTTP or NFS.

The saassist-server includes an HTTP server (saassist-webserver), if a non-static HTTP server is available it can be used as well.

Security APAR Assistant Server runs on AIX, Linux and *nix based systems.

SAAssist Server (saassist-server) Installation

The dependencies to install the saassist-server are Python version 3 and BeautifulSoup4, a module for Python.

Installing Python 3

Python version 3 is required by saassist-server and it can runs on Linux, BSD, AIX and MacOS. For any Unix/Linux based system.

Follow below the instruction for Linux and AIX installation.


To install Python 3 use yum or apt-get from your Linux distribution, do the same to install pip3

yum install python3 pip3


apt-get install python3 pip3


I have been using this Python3 package to my environment and it can be installed using smitty install

Installing BeautifulSoup4

BeautifulSoup is a Python package (module) and it is required for saassist-server. It can be installed using PIP

pip3 install bs4

Installing saassist-server

To install saassist-server you need to download the latest version, extract the content and edit config file.

1. Download

2. Extract the file (unzip, tar, etc)

Configuring saassist-server

Please check the comments inside the config file


SAAssist Server works with two protocols HTTP or NFS that needs to be configured in

Using protocol NFS

To use NFS is necessary that the system administrator exports the full repository path ({saassist-server directory}/saassist/data/repos).

It needs to be done on `/etc/exports and NFS service needs to be running properly.

Using protocol HTTP

The web server is included but we recommend use static HTTP Server

If you want to have a static HTTP Server is recommended install and configure it, allowing access to repository path ({saassist-server directory}/saassist/data/repos).

If you want to run the included webserver, configure the info on and run:

SAA Server is running at port 8000

Using saassist-server

The SAAssist Server is simple to be used. You need to run the saassist-server with arguments

-h, --help show this help message and exit

-c APAR_DOWNLOAD, --create APAR_DOWNLOAD create CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) or IV (Interim Fix) repository

-u APAR_UPDATE, --update APAR_UPDATE update an already existent CVE/IV repository

-l, --list list all available CVE/IV

-cv OS_VERSION_DOWNLOAD, --createversion OS_VERSION_DOWNLOAD create the repository with all CVE/IV available for an specific OS version

-uv OS_VERSION_UPDATE, --updateversion OS_VERSION_UPDATE update the repository with all CVE/IV available for an specific OS version

-flrt, --flrt Update the FLRT data from FLRT IBM Website.It will ignore the cache configuration.


Reporting bugs

SAAssist Server


Please access contributing.